Fairytale dinner

Do you remember?

Rapunzel’s tears brought back the prince’s vision - however did this happen? And is a prince actually always handsome? And how did Sleeping Beauty fare when she got older?

The artist Albert Völkl created – exclusively for the Trendelburg – a fabulous paper theatre according to a historical model, like those that arose during the times of the Brothers Grimm.

Artistic-culinary temptations entice you back to the oft-forgotten time of fairy tales.

1. "Rapunzel – and the power of tears"


2. "The swine princess"

1st Act

"Rapunzel" the Trendelbug country cheese basket on herbal sour cream

2nd Act

A little cup of love: fine tomato essence

3rd Act

A main course according to the taste of a valiant hero: saddle of veal steak with magical herbs baked over on Mediterranean vegetables with homemade gnocchi and sherry cream sauce

4th Act

Fairytale dream: biscuit tartlets soaked in Grand-Marnier and filled with chocolate mousse

Beginning at:

7 pm


Adults € 56.50 including 4-course menu, little princes & princesses up to 5 years € 0.00 including children menu, 6 – to 8 years € 12.50 including children menu, 10 – 12 years € 22.50 including children menu


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